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Welcome to

Holly Springs, Mississippi

You are about to discover a collection of places that express our brand of "All Kinds of Character."

The places here are remarkable not only for their architecture, but also for their stories. You will learn about fiery women, charitable leaders, dedicated soldiers, and selfless heros.

Ulysses Grant
Ida B. Wells-Barnett
Sherif Osborne Bell
Kate Freeman Clark

This cultural map will help you plan you trip and take you to where these stories unfold. Read on to become familiar with the toolbar, markers, and labels.


Quickly pull what you want to see using these tools:

Tap to bring up this tutorial. Learn how to interact with the tools and the markers.
Want to see places by subject? Check out our collections of places on different layers. Tap the checkbox to show or hide them.
Have names of places to visit? Find them alphabetically and tap the checkbox to show them on the map. Tap again to hide them.
Want to view a section of town or explore places nearby? How about creating and showing your very own tour? Tap and choose your view.
Want to navigate to a particular place? Tap to turn on GPS to show your location on the map. Tap again to turn off GPS. Select your destination and zoom in or out to see the roads to get there.


Markers pinpoint places on the map. They are color-coded according to their subject and layer:

Big House and Behind the Big HouseBig House and Behind the Big House
Civil War SitesCivil War Sites
African American HeritageAfrican American Heritage
Good Eats and Local MuseumsCivil War Sites
Star markers designate places that you don't want to miss.


Tap a marker to see its label. The label names the place and gives a tag line and a link for the stories. To close the label, tap the 'x' in the upper right corner.

The map displays up to 4 labels at a time. If a label is hidden but you can see its marker, tap the marker to bring it to the front. Labels sometimes cover up markers; you will need to close them to see the markers.


That covers the basics for the tools, markers, and labels! If this window automatically appeared on startup, tap to close this window, and you will see places on the African American Heritage layer as set by the Layers tool. Or, continue reading...


Hiding Places Places shown by one tool can only be hidden using the same tool. On the Layers and List tools, uncheck the corresponding checkbox. On the Views tool, tap the "hide" button.. Note that any one of the "hide" buttons will also hide My Tour 1 and My Tour 2.

Selecting Places A place is selected if you see a label above its marker. The Layers Tool automatically selects the starred places on a layer. The List Tool automatically selects the places which you check. The Views tool only shows and hides markers, except for My Tour 1 and My Tour 2. They will show the selected places which were previously saved.

A maximum of 4 places can be selected at any given time. After that, the selections will change on a first-in first-out basis: the fifth place selected will unselect the first place, the sixth place selected will unselect the second and so on. The map will always show the last 4 selected places.

Personal Tours. My Tour 1 and My Tour 2, found on the Views tool, save the current zoom, map center, and selected places (a maximum of 4). So before saving, pan and zoom the map until you can see all the selected places in the window. Showing a tour will unselect any places which were selected by other tools. To hide the tour, tap any "hide" button.

As you zoom in or out, either by pinching, stretching, or by using the +/- buttons, you will notice the Map Scale situated just above the toolbar change in number and size. This is handy for knowing how far it is to walk from place to place. Tap the number to change the scale from meters to feet and back again.


Cultural Maps connect people to cultural and historical places in ways that heighten their experience whether they visit online or in person. They enable a visitor to discover the character, values, and identity of a community.

The Holly Springs Tourism and Recreation Bureau compiled the places, stories, and photographs shown on this map. For tours or feedback call 888-687-4765 or email

The VISIT ME Company publishes online maps for tourism, cultural and historical organizations. For comments, issues, or inquiries, email

Visit Mississippi partially funded this project.

Graphic Design — Robert Banks, Atomic Art & Design
Photography — Latoye Zinn, Upscale Photography